understanding image

i started practicing photography in Feb 2010, it has been almost an year now.

still i feel there is long way to go.

today i am just going to explain you what  my understanding is about capturing image or understanding it.learning photography or practicing it doent mean only taking photographs, it includes reading about photography, looking at others work, understanding technical part, lighting  also you need to have knowledge of basic rules of photography. with this i think  understanding aesthetics is also important.

i was reading book on composition today to revise my basics, it was so different than when i read it for first time. i realized my view about understanding  an images, my view has changed drastically and its nice!

while reading it i ask my self what is good image and how you decide it?

after giving it a thought i realized its very difficult question to answer, because there is no duality in photography, its photographers view point and its viewers feeling which is important. if viewer can connect to the image then it is successful image, hence it is very subjective.

also i feel that people who are interested in photography should be able to understand the difference between snap shot and photographs. the different is distinct!! still it is very important to understand it. and being in design college i feel disgusted when someone takes cappy images from my camera!!

very important thing about photography is to respect your camera!!

hence photography or art dependence on how u perceive it.

as i have mentioned in the beginning, still there is long way to go, my opinions might and should change in  future.





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