my view on 127 hours

I wanted to write review on this movie for a long time, not because I liked it but I feel its important to inform others what I feel about it. first I went with high expectations as I liked promos, though i hated slum dog millionaire. movie starts very well and I really liked the shots from other events in the beginning. I got bored after he falls in the canyon, it becomes damn slow. the part when he is hallucinating due to lack of food and water was interesting, also the way scooby doo has shown is nice.

Camera and cinematography of 127 hours is awesome, but that is it. You get engaged due to visual appeal of the film more than the story. But if you see now a days almost all films have well thought cinematography.

As soon as movies started unconsciously I started comparing it with Sean Penn’s ‘into the wild’. It just happened naturally as both of them have similar story line in a way.  If you have seen into the wild, in it each character has built really well, after watching it you feel you know about Christopher McCandless , but after watching 127 hours i felt it was incomplete, we do not get any information about Aron Ralston past life and personality. The only thing we appreciated is him being so courageous. but didn’t we know about that before? what was the point in showing that in disgusting way? of course it helps you associate with his feelings and situation, but  do you think explains what aaron ralston is?

I feel when you watch movie based on real life it is important to exaggerate and twist story a bit, but at the end viewer should be able to connect with that personality, and should feel he has just met that person. There are many movies where we start living that persons life while watching film, such as Into the wild,Schindler’s list, a beautiful mind, Invictus, the pursuit of happiness, milk , walk the line  and many more. You feel that character in all these films. do watch them  if you haven’t. they are brilliant!

So back to 127 hours, this connection between viewer and aron never happened, was pretty sad,.

Also A.R. Rehman’s music is okish. its not A.R. rehman we listen to and worship.

Hence i would like to ask everyone who felt movie was brilliant to watch it again and think about these points, it might help you change your perspective. And may be you’ll agree with me that its not worth getting selected for Oscar at all, its nothing in front of black swan and the king speech.

Hope this review made you think more, thanks 🙂


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