Last week I shifted few of my stuff to the new house. Thought it will help me to create some space in my room. Indeed in helped, my room is much more clean and neat. But week later I realized that this emptiness in my room is bothering me, there is something missing.

Like a fool I shifted all my books to my new house and that’s what was bothering me. It’s so weird, I don’t read them every day or even refers to them but their presence makes so much difference. Therefore here is my illustration to the books I have left in my new place.

While illustrating I was thinking of all my favorite books, here are few names

  • Lord of the rings
  • The age of Shiva
  • Maximum city
  • Gods of small things
  • To kill a mocking bird
  • Not a penny more not a penny less
  • As the crow flies
  • Godfather

I am sure many of you must have read them already but if not do read it and let me know.



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