Feelings and realizations

The day started as usual, met a good friend after a long time. Was having good time, but then suddenly what went wrong in the evening I seriously don’t know. May be it was a bank, for some reasons banks make me very nervous and I hate visiting it. So I came back home had food and slept. I think in last two years 1st time today I slept in the evening, it was damn weird and I got up half scared and half worried. Suddenly it hit me like that suddenly like a bhang. I was in a wired mood. It was mixture of scared feeling, lost kind of also nervous about something. The evening went by without understanding the reason. Then suddenly I decided to go through my old photographs and it changed it all. It’s weird the way you appreciated different types of photographs at different times. In my previous post I have mentioned about Nicholas Vreeland. I just visited his exhibition; there I got catalogs by many other photographs. So when I was going through my own work I was able to make some connections with those photographs taken by famous photographers. I found it very amusing, the way I have started looking at my own work has recently changed drastically. After analyzing and looking critically at each and every photograph. So here are those photographs, which I suddenly figured out to be very interesting!

Being and Nothingness, By Swapan Nayak

Srikanth Kolari – Thereafter …

Photo’s For Rato, By Nicholas Vreeland

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