morning prayers

(write click on the photo to watch the video)

the morning ray

shy, untouched


by the fragrance around


falls through

the dark unknown roof

bent by

the burden of the past


the melodious existence

of light and fragrances


with the pristine reverberation


as the time passes by

all of them

disappear, evaporating

to fall again as the morning ray arrives

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Memory is something that is embodied in your mind, and some of them exists through vague smells, sounds, visuals. hence the main challenge for this exhibition was to recreate the same space so that other people can experience exact same memory as you have. of course its not possible to recreate it exactly but the objective was to go as close as possible.

The project started with making a video, based on a memory. I still do not know why did i chose this particular memory of my great grandmothers old house and temple, but that was the only memory which was really strong. initially the video had lot of text, but it was interesting to transform text into the actual objects or smells! The process of desegregation was quite interesting.

The exhibition went well and I got some really good feedback and it opened lot of options for me, as well as it made me question different elements which I was trying to portray through the installation/ performance.  Coincidentally rakhi pornima took place at the same time, and i kept questioning myself about the aarti performed by my sisters and what sense does it make? though i did it only to make them happy and because they believe in it.

But through this installation I was able to reflect on these questions in a better manner. the question of importance of prayer, the whole performance and sounds. The unison created through these elements and how I my denial of all of the things are baseless. To deny the God/ Religion you have to know it first and understand it. So it made me question my views again.

I have been interested in power of mediation for quite a sometime, but i am too impatient to perform in regularly. Though i could related the power of prayers are beyond devotion and the rhythm, the tone is more meditative.

i think its an amazing space you have created with a space.

Not letting me enter with my shoes on, itself was an experience.


experiential even as an outsider

– sam


i do not want to say anything about the video or any ‘technical’ aspect as such. but you know what? thats what i thought was the best part. because you have created an experience or more than that your space help me open up my own memory bank. and that you place the chair in the centre that comes with a certain amount of discipline which supports the sacred space.

– shivani k


i like how you integrate everything and ensures what you want to convey. i like the end part, also i like the sounds in movie. but as memory it was very abstract and i am not sure what you were trying to say.. but when memory is abstract its quite fine!

brilliant yo!



brilliant use of sound/ audio montage. a carefully selected collage of memorable sounds from our childhood days. it did manage to evoke such a strong sense of nostalgia. it initially made me hunt for the place where the Aaakashvani tune came from.

– abhishek


the sincerity of the piece compliments that of the artist perfectly. keep this in mind for future work.(that work and artist are same thing)

– nicolas

beautiful experience. especially the radio. great poetry. it reminds me that even if i deny religion or existence of God, i cannot deny the power of prayers



the form of the conveying was good! also the fact that this practice is something you dislike is quite interesting.



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