Christmas night in Shillong

Two year back i happened to visit Shillong around Christmas time, while we were chilling in our guest house we saw these school kids singing and marching with the torch! we also joined them! this was the best Christmas I have celebrated till date!

  1. Ewa said:

    Nice photo. And looking at another cultures can teach us a lot about ourselves.

    • mitwa176 said:

      so true! i am from pune and my family is hindu and we hardly celebrate christmas, but this was an unique experience for me!

      • Ewa said:

        I didn’t have real chance to celebrate christmas somewhere else. Last year I’ve spend Christmas in Thailand, but, unfortunately, most of people there were tourists. But still, for me it was nice change from sitting in front of a full table and looking at TV (that’s called xmas in my family 😉 )

      • mitwa176 said:

        hope you’ll have awesome christmas this year, i have just booked my tickets for north east india in december so i am looking forward to my christmas vacation!

      • Ewa said:

        Probably I won’t. I planned to go to Tanzania on December, so I would have great Christmas and NYeve, but the flight was cancelled. So probably will reminding myself all old movies in TV 😉

      • mitwa176 said:

        oh 😦

      • Ewa said:

        But I hope that you’ll have great time 🙂

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