wish you a very happy new year!


As the year 2012 is over, I should sit back and reflect a little bit.

Previous year was indeed a year of realizations, where realizations lead to loss of many beloved. I don’t think they are going to be part of my life every again, despite my true love and affection for them. sometimes you tend flow a lot and fall in love with or trust all the wrong kind of people. You believe they are your best friends and hope  for them to be there with you forever. but then you realize its like a mirage, you see whats actually does not exist, and you realize for them you are yet another person who is just hanging around.

Hence 2012 has created a void in my life, though professionally it was an amazing year to start with, i hope to fill that void with light, love and by being with some beautiful strangers, who I can love and get something back from them as well!

I wish you all a very happy new year, hope its filled with lots of surprises, adventures, laughter and light!


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