The Karaga that never came

The Bengaluru Karaga is the festival of Vanhikula Kshathriyas (Thigala) community schedule to perform on Chaitra Poornima day of every year. This festival is celebrated to worship Adhishakthi Droupadi . It is believed that Godess Adhishakthi Droupadi comes down to the earth from the heaven and stays between the community.

The literary meaning of Karaga is expanded and explained as Ka-Ra-Ga.

The Ka= Kailli Muttade (without touching by hand) Ra= Rundadalli Dharisi(bearing on the head) Ga= Ghatisuvudu/Chalisuvudu (moving around) The total meaning of Karaga is bearing the diety on the head without touching by hand and moving around.

Karaga Carrier dresses up like Draupadi, he wears his wife’s Mangalsutra and bangles. During the festival his wife is considered as a widow. Karaga carrier, carries the karaga to different temples, while he is protected by ‘Vir kumara’s’. All of them are armed with swords.

Bangalore karaga is one of the famous festival, on full moon night, at the moon set , karaga carrier visits tawakkal mastan dargah. This is the only festival that is celebrated by both religions together. The reason they visit this place is that during Mastan’s time, the karaga carrier stopped here and asked for Tawakkal Mastan’s blessings so the Karaga would not fall off his head. Mastan is said to have blessed him. So till today, the Karaga-carrier visits the dargah.

But this year Karaga-carrier dropped the karaga from his head, this is considered as a bad omen and hence the visit to dargha was canceled. This has happened for the first time. There were many different stories about why karaga never came to the Daragha. In the middle of chaos and rumors, we waited for some more time. But it never came.


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