Here is my diploma film, made at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.

Official Selection Chennai International Short Film Festival
Official Selection Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival
Official Selection Full On Film Festival
Official Selection Alpavirama Film Festival, National Institute of Design, India
Short Listed at Visions Du Reel, 2014
Long Listed at Toto Funds the Arts

Directed and Edited: Mitwa Abhay Vandana
Cinematography: Shamin Kulkarni
Music: Aniruddh Shivakumar Menon
Cast: Deeksha Ketkar Mr. Prakash Pathak
Narration Written by: Ganesh Visputay
Still Photography: Nachiket Guttikar
Illustrations: Gaurav Ogale
Sound: Ninad Datar
Title Designed by: Sahil Bhattad
Old Photographs by: Late Mr. Govind Narayan Phatak
Translation by: Radhika Venkatachary & Jitendra Kulkarni
Advisor: Shruti Tambe Deepak Srinivasan Swati Dandekar, Bani Singh, Sandeep Aditi Banerjee
Special Thanks to: Memory Lab Nicolas Grandi Abhay Kardeguddi Vandana Kulkarni Raju Parajpe, Leela Nanal Guttikar Ajoba Avinash Haval Gauri HavalChaitanya Guttikar, Arya Rothe, Shraddha Bhide Marathe Hrishikesh PawarRahul Marathe Nilangi Nanal Sardeshpande Prasad Bhide Shailesh Bhideshruti bhide Narendra Sardeshpande Trupti Nanal Sunil Nanal Abhijeet Tambe, Mr.Ajit Phatak Harshawardhan Ravindra Belsare Kaiwalya JambhekarAnurag Dasgupta Anant Burande Ajit Karde Kardeguddi Maitreyee KulkarniAnupam Barvé

Part of Memory Lab at Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology

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Society from time to time obligates people not just to
reproduce in thought previous events of their lives, but
also to touch them up, to shorten them or to compete
them. so that, however connivance we are that our
memories are exact, we give them a prestige that the
reality did not possess. – MAURICE HALBWACHS
Many people were wondering about my recent work, as there hasn’t been any update on my blog in past 6 months. During this period I was working on my diploma project, which has resulted into a film. The project started with various photographs of an old pune city and as I started interviewing various people and collecting stories, the project started taking shape.
Here is the diploma blog of my project which has all the details related to the film and the project:
Documentation book:

Later y’day there was a screening arranged at NFAI of Jai bhim comrade, followed by performance by kabir kala manch

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the performance was great! and you could see the struggle all the artist have gone through. but at the end the event ended on a sad note with protest and assault on few students who organised the screening.

now regret not documenting this, i should have taken out my camera, though it happened very quickly,  I have a long way to go with photojournalism, but this was definitely a lesson i learnt.

Today was a black day for india and especially for Maharashtra. Today early morning in pune, a great activist, intellectual and a great personality, Dr. Narendra Dabholkar was shot dead. This was really shocking news for everyone.
Dr. Narendra Dabholkar was founder president of ‘Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti’ editor of ‘Sadhana’ magazine. He dedicated his whole life to end superstitions in current society, and rationally tried to question each an every superstitious act. He was trying to get ‘anti superstition and black magic bill in Maharashtra.
It is important to ask few question to ourself at this point of time. what is progress and development? Is it only related to infrastructure? It includes the society, their thought and their actions as well. when are we going to have progressive thinking in this society. In the fascist state, where everyday I can see that we are moving backward than moving forward.
The reason behind this assassination was to suppress his ideology. But these unbelievably greedy, selfish, dumb people can not understand that, one cannot kill an ideology by killing a person. I call this a form of terrorism itself. When you do not have words to counter attack an ideology, you start using path of violence to terrorise the society. These people are terrorists, who are going around killing people like Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, who is one of the most quite, calm, non violent and rational person anyone could have met. His all arguments were completely sensible and had a strong base.
Today his death is another attempt to suppress everyone and create a fascist state, where dictatorship rules, we need to speak against this, and show them that they can not turning this state into a barbaric dream.
If we really have to pay our homage to Dr. dabholkar, we must pass the ‘anti superstition and black magic bill’ and help everyone to take his ideology forward.

There is a Protest rally arranged tomorrow on August 21, 2013 at 10.00 am Near Pune Municepal Corporation. Do come there to show your support.
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