‘Blue’ is a completely experimental film. The idea behind the film is to change the process of traditional storytelling by breaking down a linear narrative. It’s a completely sensorial experience and everyone can derive their own meaning, it is perfectly fine if they only experience the film without looking for any meaning. It is an experience, built through spontaneity, lot of coffee and love for poetry.



Later y’day there was a screening arranged at NFAI of Jai bhim comrade, followed by performance by kabir kala manch

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the performance was great! and you could see the struggle all the artist have gone through. but at the end the event ended on a sad note with protest and assault on few students who organised the screening.


now regret not documenting this, i should have taken out my camera, though it happened very quickly,  I have a long way to go with photojournalism, but this was definitely a lesson i learnt.

Today was a black day for india and especially for Maharashtra. Today early morning in pune, a great activist, intellectual and a great personality, Dr. Narendra Dabholkar was shot dead. This was really shocking news for everyone.
Dr. Narendra Dabholkar was founder president of ‘Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti’ editor of ‘Sadhana’ magazine. He dedicated his whole life to end superstitions in current society, and rationally tried to question each an every superstitious act. He was trying to get ‘anti superstition and black magic bill in Maharashtra.
It is important to ask few question to ourself at this point of time. what is progress and development? Is it only related to infrastructure? It includes the society, their thought and their actions as well. when are we going to have progressive thinking in this society. In the fascist state, where everyday I can see that we are moving backward than moving forward.
The reason behind this assassination was to suppress his ideology. But these unbelievably greedy, selfish, dumb people can not understand that, one cannot kill an ideology by killing a person. I call this a form of terrorism itself. When you do not have words to counter attack an ideology, you start using path of violence to terrorise the society. These people are terrorists, who are going around killing people like Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, who is one of the most quite, calm, non violent and rational person anyone could have met. His all arguments were completely sensible and had a strong base.
Today his death is another attempt to suppress everyone and create a fascist state, where dictatorship rules, we need to speak against this, and show them that they can not turning this state into a barbaric dream.
If we really have to pay our homage to Dr. dabholkar, we must pass the ‘anti superstition and black magic bill’ and help everyone to take his ideology forward.

There is a Protest rally arranged tomorrow on August 21, 2013 at 10.00 am Near Pune Municepal Corporation. Do come there to show your support.
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I go through lot of photographs everyday, most of them are unbelievably bad, but in past one year most of them have been wedding photographs.  Which made me question lot of things. I personally haven’t ventured much into the genre of wedding photography but would like to understand the concept or thought process which photographer has while taking these photographs.
If you spend 15 minutes on any photography website/ on Facebook,  you will see considerable amount of photographs related to wedding and some thousand people liking them, and not always they are good images. Hence I always feel that there is nothing new in it, all weddings have same old story. then what do you like so much about it? I am not against wedding photographer or photography but i would like to understand the photographer’s reason to be so passionate about it. Yes there is lot of money in it, and i can understand photographers who do wedding photography to earn money and also simultaneously invest their time in experimenting with the medium or exploring other genres. But at the same time there is this huge community of wedding photographers who are dedicatedly documenting weddings and nothing else, and this concept confuses me, and makes me wonder whether it is that important!?
As a photographer I have always thrived for new subjects, new stories and new conflicts. But according to me in weddings there is only one story, one subject, those same monotonous emotions, so what is that new thing which you explore each time, as a wedding photographer? May be I have very limited understanding of the topic itself, but i would really like to understand the passion and that drive to document wedding and how does it occur?
I am myself against the whole contemporary wedding scenario, which we have now a days and the way wedding has become a medium to show off how wealthy, happy and well cultured we are. It is a completely illogical concept for me to understand and hence when some one tell me he/she  is a  wedding photographer, i just feel very sad. There are so many stories out there, and so many ways of telling stories, hardly anyone is trying to explore that, there are not many well designed photo books that i have seen from India, the whole documentary photography is practiced by very few people and so on…..
Somehow this also indicates that there is complete ignorance towards other practices of photography and absolute lack of conceptualisation. It feels as if “photographers” do not want to think anymore and just want to take the easiest way possible.
so don’t you guys think that in this race of documenting weddings, we are loosing on lot more that is happening around us, and through these repetitive images our understanding of images is becoming even more shallower?

Coincidentally, I stumbled upon a copy of Sally mann’s book at my friends place. I have been huge fan of her work, her subject has always been her children. And you can see the intimacy that the images have, she has spend enough time with her them and hence her way of seeing is truly amazing and that shows in her photographs. With most of the wedding photography work, I feel exactly opposite , we are trying to document the life of a stranger and their families,  we hardly have interacted with them or have spent time with them. at the same time we are trying very hard to make it intimate and emotional But frankly speaking these images are absolutely hollow, there is complete lack of intimacy and emotional connect.  Neither do they allow us to explore them nor do they pears through us. I don’t remember in long while, pausing on a wedding photograph and just getting lost into it.
I hope soon I will be able to see some unique work which will break my conceptions related to the wedding photography and I look forward to get answers of my questions as I go along practising and exploring new ways of seeing.

As you escape from the burning summer heat and entering this unreal world, which gives you only to options ‘Exit’ or ‘Exit’.

This world is unique, it has no sense of time or temperature outside. its as no identity. It doesn’t belong to anyone. and you must be careful, because you might get stuck in here, for ever. hence most of them pass by quickly, but some of them are stuck here, forever.

all of us enter the blueness of this world only for these two options, either ‘exit’ or ‘exit’.


I always wanted to go on a long bike ride, so i decided to drive down to Pune once my college gets over. I was bit hesitant as the distance is around 800kms and I was planning to go alone, but just a week before my bike ride i watched motorcycle diaries and at that moment my decision was final to ride till Pune.

Finally, I left bangalore on friday around 6 in the morning. After cruising at 80 km per hour I reached Hubali around 3 pm. there was a diversion to karwar, I had an option of going to karwar and staying there or staying at my grandmother’s place in kolhapur. As i had few extra days at hands i decided to take a detour and reached karwar around 5.30 in the evening. I was so tired that i went to sleep as soon as I had my dinner. I decided to leave karwar next day morning.

According to the plan I left karwar in the morning, I was excited to ride through the dense Dandeli forest. But as I was about 40kms away from Karwar just before the dandeli forest …..

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 8.23.54 PM

DSC_0248 DSC_0251DSC_0258Reached karwar

DSC_0274I decided to leave next day morning and on the way, buffalo suddenly came in the middle and I crashed into her, my bike skid and I toppled over but luckily i fell on the buffalo so both of us did not get hurt that badly.

DSC_0306This is the turn where I fell!

DSC_0316It was just before the dandeli forest, but luckily there for few people who helped me and i went back to karwar in a tempo with my bike. It took me almost three hours to give my bike and get medical treatment. I was stuck there for two days as it was a weekend. According to the tempo driver I was very lucky as I decided to travel on saturday which is a day of god shani, and it is always risky to travel on Saturday. Also he was glad that I wasn’t hurt badly after hitting a buffalo, who is Yamaraj’s vehicle.













Hence I decided to stay in Karwar for 4 days, my wounds were healed and mechanic told me to fix my bike in pune itself. I sent my bike through cargo and I left Karwar by bus.

This was an end to my adventurous journey. Now it is a recovery time

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